These items will be on sale for Black Friday 2021. Sale starts 12am Tuesday 11-23 and ends at 11:59pm 11-28. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THESE TIMES & SALE PRICES OR PROMOTIONS CANNOT BE GRANTED FOR PRIOR ORDERS OR ORDERS AFTER!!! PLEASE DONT ASK.

All RC Comp wheel sales will recieve FREE billet lugnuts with order. And we have over 700 wheels in stock so no wait on most stuff. WE WILL RUN OUT OF MANY SIZES! We will still be able to order for you and get the Free nuts but will be a wait once we run out.  Must email or preferably text message for wheel quotes. You need to have exact size and options of what you want ready for easy quote. For a quote on RC Comp please either Email or for the quickest reply text message to 314-650-1459. Keep in mind Im a one man operation and will be extremely busy during this sale but will help you as fast as I can! Thanks everyone.

RC Components Wheels!!!

EMAIL OR TEXT 314-650-1450 FOR QUOTES We are the largest RC Components Wheel dealer in the country. We usually always have around 7-800 wheels on hand to try and save our customers a long wait. Shoot us a message with your sizes for quote. Email Text/Call 314-650-1459 Im extremely busy every day as I'm a one man operation, text message with EXACT SIZES NEEDED is quickest way to get a quote! Thanks Top of the line wheels made in the USA! SFI 15.2 Certified. Available in multiple width's and offset's. Also available in multiple finishes.

Call for pricing

M&M Shifter's

Top of the line shifter built by the best of the best! Available for TH400, Powerglide, or 4L80 transmissions.


Dragy GPS Performance Analyzer

Gps based device for measuring vehicle performance.


Set of 8 IGN1A Smart Coils

Ign1a Smart Coils Like Holley, Fueltech, Haltech, DIY, AEM, Mercury Marine, etc...


Billet Atomizer 3 Injector

Set of 8 Billet Atomizer 3 Injectors. Top of the line most winning fuel injector on the market! Sold in sets of 8 in sizes from 100-1100lb/hr. Pick size from drop down menu. Injectors come in nice plastic storage case.


Go Lithium Billet Battery Mount

Billet Go Lithium Battery Mount for the Go Lithium Battery.


Go Lithium Gen 2 Dual Battery & Charger Combo

FREE SHIPPING! Top of the line racing battery for any racing application! We run these in 4 of our shop car's with absolutely no issues. 16 Volt 1150 Cranking 20 AMP Hours of Reserve Power Superior Prismatic Cell Technology Internal Battery Management Circuitry Only 8.5 Pounds Small Impact Resistant Case Size of 8.75" x 6.95" x 3.00"


Go Lithium Gen 2 Battery & Charger Combo

Top of the line lithium lightweight battery! (ONLY 8 LB!!)


Clearview Billet See Through Oil Filter

Billet Clearview Filter in both 4 inch and 6 inch sizes. Also have the option of with or without a provision for a screw on filter.



BLACK FRIDAY, Email or text 314-650-1459 for a quote on a system. We can save you some $$. Please know what you are looking for as we will be extremely busy during this sale. Fueltech's top system. The best out there for monitoring systems and engine control. All in one ECU, dashboard, datalogger, and power management system.


Fueltech Injectors

FEATURES REAL flow, all injectors are tested, and calibrated to ensure linearity, repeatability and accuracy for all cylinders It has internal components resistant to corrosion, guaranteed by the salinization test carried out on all raw material used Reduce the number of injectors, connections and hoses in your project; Compatible with any type of fuel (Gasoline, Ethanol, nitromethane, nitropropane, MTBE and ETBE) Tested and approved on +4,000 horsepower engines Compatible with any ECU on the market Use outputs from your ECU (by reducing the number of injectors) FuelTech warranty and support Project developed prioritizing the quality and durability of the injector


Billet Lugnuts

1/2 short shank plain and 12mm short shank black are both on backorder as of 6-7-22. It will be a few weeks before we have more of those sizes so please keep that in mind if you order.


LJRC Black & Machined Ultra-lightweight Steering Wheel

Ultra-lightweight Grant style steering wheel


Mac 3 Port Air Valve

Mac 3 Port Air Valve


Co2 Plumbing Kit

Hose & Fitting Kit


Billet 14mm Spark Plug Gapper

Spark Plug Gapping Tool


Billet Co2 Bottle Mount

Billet Mount for 2.5lb Co2 Bottle


Billet Front End Travel Limiters

Universal billet aluminum front end limiters.


Billet Helmet Hook

Hook to hang helmet from rollcage


'Merica' Hats

Merica hats


Camo Hats

Flex fit camo style hats.


Flex Fit Hat

We have a wide variety of flex fit hats. Chose the one you like best!


Snap Back Flat Bill Hats

Snap Back Flat Bill Hats


0-200 PSI Pressure Transducer

Pressure sensor for fluids/air


Billet Plug Gapper & Soft Jaws Combo

Gapper & Soft Jaws Combo


Snap Back Mesh Hats

Snap Back w/ mesh hats. These breathe very nicely and are very comfortable.


Set of 8 Tall Billet Injector Top Hats

Hats to make short style injectors tall ev1 60mm height


Denso Injector Pigtails (8)

Set of 8 Denso style injector pigtails


EV1 to Denso Injector Plug & Play Adapters

Set of 8 Ev1 to Denso Plug & Play Adapters


Carter Motorsports Shop Shirt

Black or Grey Shop Shirt w/ Carter Motorsports Logo Front & Back


10mm Short Billet Injector Hat Extensions

These will make your injector 10mm taller. They work with typical 14mm o ring injectors. Set of 8


Set of 6 IGN1A Smart Coils

Ign1a Smart Coils Like Holley, Fueltech, Haltech, DIY, AEM, Mercury Marine, etc...


Set of 10 IGN1A Smart Coils

Ign1a Smart Coils Like Holley, Fueltech, Haltech, DIY, AEM, Mercury Marine, etc...