Mac 3 Port Air Valve

Mac 3 Port Air Valve

These valves are great for activating air rams on shifters, boost control or anywhere you need to send air to via a 12v signal. These work excellent and have a wide variety of uses. Also works on 16v systems. Ports are setup for 1/8 npt fittings which we also carry a full line of also.



Some people have questioned if these are a "real" Mac valve as of recent. Here is what I can tell you. We source these from a US source and the origin sticker right on the valve says USA, Belgium and Taiwan. As any Mac valve Ive seen. We do not remove the sticker as a lot of places do. These are the same ones being sold from literally 100s of places. With that being said, Im not sure where these particular ones are made I just know we have had good luck with them. I have never claimed anything special about these just that they do the job. So take that for what it is worth. THIS IS A 35.00 VALVE, IF YOU WANT THE ABSOLUTE BEST FOR BOOST CONTROL I RECCOMEND THE FUELTECH BOOST BLOCK OR HOLLEY BOOST BLOCK. We keep these 3 port valves because they work well with air shifter actuation and many do use them for boost control (I personally think they are slow for boost control but they do work if you are on a budget.) The Fueltech and Holley boost control blocks are 200.00-300.00 for a price comparison. So basically if you have bought one of these from us and you have an issue with it I will 100% refund you on it. Always have stood behind what I sell. If you have any question about buying this 35.00 part Id just reccomend not buying it. Because thats what it is, a 35.00 part. We make about 5.00 a piece on these after card fees, shipping etc...

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