Fuel Injectors

Flow Matched Bosch 210/2200 "Short Denso" Injectors (8)

These are currently on b/o. We have the ev1 style available currently ready to ship.


Billet Atomizer 3 Injector

CURRENT SALE AS OF 12-1-23: Buy a set of 8 and get 1 FREE spare and 20% off complete set! ! BEST DEAL EVER ON THESE! Set of 8 Billet Atomizer 3 Injectors. Top of the line most winning fuel injector on the market! Sold in sets of 8 in sizes from 100-1100lb/hr. Pick size from drop down menu. Injectors come in nice plastic storage case.

$1,600.00 $1,280.00

Fueltech Injectors High & Low Imp

FEATURES REAL flow, all injectors are tested, and calibrated to ensure linearity, repeatability and accuracy for all cylinders It has internal components resistant to corrosion, guaranteed by the salinization test carried out on all raw material used Reduce the number of injectors, connections and hoses in your project; Compatible with any type of fuel (Gasoline, Ethanol, nitromethane, nitropropane, MTBE and ETBE) Tested and approved on +4,000 horsepower engines Compatible with any ECU on the market Use outputs from your ECU (by reducing the number of injectors) FuelTech warranty and support Project developed prioritizing the quality and durability of the injector


Set of 8 Tall Billet Injector Top Hats

Hats to make short style injectors tall ev1 60mm height


10mm Short Billet Injector Hat Extensions

These will make your injector 10mm taller. They work with typical 14mm o ring injectors. Set of 8


Denso Injector Pigtails (8)

Set of 8 Denso style injector pigtails


EV1 to Denso Injector Plug & Play Adapters

Set of 8 Ev1 to Denso Plug & Play Adapters


EV6/14 to Denso Injector Plug & Play Adapters

Set of 8 EV6/14 to Denso Plug & Play Adapters


Billet Tall Injector Top Hat

Hat to make short style injectors tall ev1 60mm height